Terms and Conditions

Incidental Costs

Installation Costs

The following occurrences will incur a £300.00 additional charge; this will be chargeable to the client.

Any installations cancelled by the customer, within 3 days of the agreed installation date. Where access to a site or room is not available on the agreed installation date. Any further occurrences that cause disruption of works through no fault of RPtechnical Services LLP. Any return visits required through no fault of RPtechnical Services LLP will be charged on a per visit basis at the cost detailed above.

Please note that any additional work required to complete installations that does not fall within the criteria of the installation detailed will be chargeable as necessary. This charge will be agreed with the client and a separate purchase order will be required.

It should be noted that RPtechnical Services LLP will endeavour to keep additional costs to a minimum, additional costs will only be applied if extra installation time or resource is required to complete installations. Where work is cancelled or postponed and RPtechnical Services LLP can reallocate engineers without additional costs being incurred, no additional costs will be applied. All discretion with regards to additional costs required remains with RPtechnical Services LLP at all times.

All works include a 12 months defects liability period, which comes into effect as from the last working day on site. Our defects periods cover all new materials supplied by and all labour completed by installers, this is not applicable to customer supplied or second hand goods.

Any subsequent damage to materials or goods supplied or any equipment tampered or altered following the completed signed off of works are deemed to fall outside the defects periods and would be chargeable if we are requested to return to remedy.

Any equipment issued free of charge to the installers for installation only, will fall outside of the defects warranty unless the issue raised can be attributed on an installation issue alone.

Late payment charges

late payments are charged 8% plus the Bank of England base rate on all transactions, and also can incur the cost of recovering a late payment on top of claiming interest from it. A payment is deemed late after 30 days from the issue of the invoice or as dated on the first invoice for goods or services.